= 2021 =

25 May 2021 / CERN-EP Seminar

CERN-EP seminar on "Latest results of the NA64 experiment searching for hidden sectors at the CERN SPS" by Paolo Crivelli.


= 2020 =

30 October 2020 / Dark Matter Day 2020

A live marathon with Dark Matter hunters at CERN with a talk about NA64 by Dipanwita Banerjee.


03 June 2020 / NA64 Status Report 2020

The report is released as SPSC-SR-273 paper. An open presentation will be given on the 11 June 2020 at 138th Meeting of the SPSC.


= 2019 =

15 September  2019 / CERN Open Days

The CERN open days concluded in huge success! Photos of the event can be found in the twiki.


19 June 2019 / CERN Open Days

NA64 experiment will be open for general public visit during CERN Open Days event on 14 and 15 September.


04 June 2019 / NA64 Status Report 2019

The report is released as SPSC-SR-255 paper. An open presentation will be given on the 13 June 2019 at 134th Meeting of the SPSC.


Whole year / Permanent installation

Preparation of permanent experiment installation area in SPS North Hall.

= 2018 =

January, 26 / Beam time period

Following SPSC approval, the beam time for the NA64 run time is allocated on the May 09 - June 20 (6 weeks). It is planned to carry out searches for particles with visible and invisible signatures, and for studies of charge-exchange reactions

2018 SPS schedule: overview and details.


= 2017 =

January, 26 / Beam time period

Following version 1 of the SPS schedule the NA64 run is planned on the August, 30 -- October, 02.

2017 SPS schedule: overview and details.



= 2016 =

March 2016 / Beam time period
At the 215th meeting of the Research Board (RB) of CERN the P348 experiment is approved as an SPS experiment with the reference number NA64. The RB also  approved   the  beam request in 2016, i.e. two weeks of test run in July  and four weeks of physics run in October-November, to investigate the region of the invisibly decaying dark-photon parameter space that could explain the muon g-2 anomaly.

= 2015 =

January 2015 / Beam time period
At the January SPSC meeting the P348 beam time period of two weeks (September 16 - 30) is approved.


February 2015 / First two HCAL modules are produced.



April 2015 / ECAL and HCAL calorimeter  arrival at CERN for assembly.
 photo  photo 1  photo 2  photo 3  photo 4


May 2015 / Start of the shashlik ECAL  assembly.
photo, photo1, photo2


June  2015 / Start of the HCAL assembly.
 photo, photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4


August  2015 / The assembly of WLS fibers for the ECAL and  HCAL is completed.     

 photo, photo1, photo3. And more: photo4, photo5


September-October   2015 / The test run is successfully completed

Photos of the experiment setup


= 2014 =

11 December 2014 / 2nd Collaboration meeting


November 2014 / The first HCAL module
The start of the production of the scintillator tiles and mechanics for the first HCAL module


18 July 2014 / 1st Collaboration meeting