January 2015 / Beam time period
At the January SPSC meeting the P348 beam time period of two weeks (September 16 - 30) is approved.

SPSC overall schedule link

SPSC detailed schedule link


February 2015 / First two HCAL modules are produced.


April 2015 / ECAL and HCAL calorimeter  arrival at CERN for assembly.
 photo  photo 1  photo 2  photo 3  photo 4


May 2015 / Start of the shashlik ECAL  assembly.
photo, photo1, photo2


June  2015 / Start of the HCAL assembly.
 photo, photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4


August  2015 / The assembly of WLS fibers for the ECAL and  HCAL is completed.     

 photo, photo1, photo3. And more: photo4, photo5


September-October   2015 / The test run is successfully completed.

   P348, P348_downsteam, Micromegas tracker, Straw tubesECAL, 4th Micromegas, Synch. Radiation e- tagging


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