1.  High purity 100 GeV electron identification with synchrotron radiation
     NA64 Collaboration,
       arXiV:1703.05993 [hep-ex]


1.  Missing energy signature from invisible decays of dark photons at the CERN SPS
     S.N. Gninenko, N.V. Krasnikov, M.M. Kirsanov, D.V. Kirpichnikov,
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2.  Search for invisible decays of sub-GeV dark photons in missing-energy events at the CERN SPS
     NA64 Collaboration,
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3.  Light sgoldstino's interactions analysis and prospects for potential discovery in electron beam dump experiment at CERN SPS
     K. O. Astapov and D. V. Kirpichnikov
       arXiV:1612.02813 [hep-ph]


1.  Beam Purity for Light Dark Matter Search in Beam Dump Experiment
D. Banerjee, P. Crivelli, and  A. Rubbia (Zurich, ETH)
Adv. High Energy Phys. 2015 (2015) 105730

 2. On detection of narrow angle e+e- pairs from dark photon decays
      A.V. Dermenev, S.V. Donskov, S.N. Gninenko, S.B. Kuleshov, V.A. Matveev, V.V. Myalkovskiy,
      V.D. Peshekhonov, V.A. Poliakov, A.A. Savenkov,  V.O. Tikhomirov, I.A.Zhukov

      IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sc. 62 (2015) 3283;  arXiv:1503.05687[physics.ins-det]

3.  The K_L invisible decays as a probe of new physics
S.N. Gninenko and N.V. Krasnikov
       Phys. Rev. D92 (2015) 034009; arXiv:1503.01595 [hep-ph]

4.  Search for invisible decays of π0, η, η', K_S and K_L: A probe of new physics and test using
      the Bell-Steinberger relation

     S.N. Gninenko,
      Phys. Rev. D91 (2015) 015004; arXiv:1409.2288 [hep-ph]

5.  Мuon g-2 and searches for a new leptophobic sub-GeV dark boson in a missing-energy experiment at CERN
     S.N. Gninenko, N.V. Krasnikov, V.A. Matveev,
       Phys. Rev. D91 (2015) 095015;    arXiV:1412.1400 [hep-ph]


1.  Search for MeV dark photons in a light-shining-through-walls experiment at CERN
     S.N. Gninenko,
Phys. Rev. D89 (2014) 075008; arXiV:1308.6521 [hep-ph]

2. Proposal for an Experiment to Search for Light Dark Matter at the SPS
    S. Andreas, D. Banerjee,  S.V. Donskov, P. Crivelli, A. Gardikiotis, S.N. Gninenko, F. Guber et al.,
arXiV:1312.3309 [hep-ex]

before 2014

1. The Muon anomalous magnetic moment and a new light gauge boson,
     S.N. Gninenko and N.V. Krasnikov,
Phys. Lett. B420 (2000) 9; hep-ph/0102222

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